In this section, we address the most commonly asked enquiries in general, about our corporate information and our product. However, if you are unable to find the answers to your question, please contact us at info@organoclick.com.


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    When is the first product of the company expectedbe launched?

    A finished product is estimated to be available in Year 2010.

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    What events does OrganoClick plan on attending?

    Please check out our News & Events for updates.

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    How can consumers benefit from OrganoClick's innovations?

    For example, if you can reduce the proportions of polyethylene in packaging and replace it with paper as raw material, or simply reduce the raw materials that are used to strengthen the packages, manufacturing cost will be reduced and the product will become more environmentally friendly. 


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    What does "modification of cellulose" mean?

    It refers to the process of altering the chemical properties of the cellulose fibres by covalently attaching new functional molecules. Covalent bonds have the highest bond strength, and they can only be destroyed by chemical means.

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    Why are the current methods for functionalization of cellulose based materials unfavorable?

    Using hefty quantities of chemicals during the treatment process and the washing steps will generate large amount of chemical waste, with huge impact on the environment.

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    Why is the OrganoClick technology a sustainable alternative?

    Only compositions of naturally occurring substances used as catalysts and modifying agents are used in the modification process of the cellulose based materials. In addition, fully biodegradable waste is generated, which further decreases the burden on our eco-system.

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    What other advantages are there in adopting OrganoClick's technology?

    Besides the environmental benefits accompanied with the use of our technology, this proprietary solution also offers economic and industrial advantages.

    The OrganoClick technology platform can also be used to improve the efficiency of the chemical processes employed in the cellulose industry. This means that the amount of raw materials and chemicals utilized may be reduced,; in addition, to the “speeding-up” of the chemical reactions. Several petroleum based chemicals that are currently in use can also be substituted with substances derived from renewable resources. 

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    What are the economic advantages of using OrganoClick technology?

    Our technology often enables our clients to use more economic substances to obtain the specific functions. In many applications our technology also enables a reduction in raw material by enhancing the mechanical properties of the material.


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    Who are the people behind OrganoClick?



     CorporateWho are the people behind OrganoClick?

    The people behind OrganoClick AB include the scientific co-founders, Associate Professor Jonas Hafrén and Associate Professor Armando Córdova, the Chief Executive Officer, Mårten Hellberg and business serial entrepreneurs Ashkan Pouya and Dr. Saeid Esmaeilzadeh from Serendipity Innovations AB.

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    Why partner with OrganoClick?

    We focus on the technical and commercial needs of our customers - to deliver innovative solutions that can be cost effective. We also have a strong selling point, which is the sustainability of the product.