Water repellent additives

Water repellent additives for
textile and nonwoven

Water repellent additives are frequently used in the textile and nonwoven industry. However, conventional water repellents are often based on fluorocarbons or per- and polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs), a group of substances known to be bio-accumulative.

Some substances within this group are also hormone-disruptive. Another frequently used chemical in conventional water repellents is isocyanate, causing respiratory problems.

OC-aquasil Tex™ is a water repellent additive for textiles and nonwovens that confers excellent water repellency, while being free from both fluorocarbons (PFCs) and isocyanates. It also protects textiles and nonwovens from snow and from water-based soiling such as stains from red wine, coffee, ketchup, etc. OC-aquasil Tex™ maintains the treated material’s appearance and its ability to let vapours through (i.e. its breathability). 

OC-aquasil Tex™ is available in two versions; OC-aquasil Tex W™ for woven and knitted textiles where the durability of the water repellent properties is of importance, and OC-aquasil Tex N™ for nonwoven material where easy manufacturing is a prerequisite. 

On woven and knitted textiles containing synthetic fibers OC-aquasil Tex W™ confers a highly durable performance that withstands numerous cycles of home laundry and wear. Still, biodegradability is retained, thanks to OC-aquasil Tex W™’s unique composition of plant-based catalysts and organic polymers. The organic polymers have two different ends; one pointing outwards that is highly water repellent and one that is reactive that binds to the textile fibers. When the reactive end is unbound (i.e. before the OC-aquasil Tex W™ is applied to the textile) it is biodegradable. However, in the presence of the plant-based catalysts, the reactive end binds to the textile fibers and it is then rendered non-degradable and becomes highly durable instead. 

On nonwoven material containing either cellulose-based or synthetic fibers, OC-aquasil Tex N™, confers a high degree of water repellency without having to be cured at elevated temperatures. OC-aquasil Tex N™ is self curing, which enables a very energy efficient finishing process. High temperature curing is however possible if rapid processing is required.