Cellulose industry

Cellulose industry

Cellulose Industry Cellulose is used in the pulp and paper, wood, textiles and biotechnological industries.

Paper and pulp industry

Paper products such as newspaper, writing paper, corrugated board and paperboard, are ubiquitous in our daily lives and are used in an ever increasing quantity. 

This explains why the paper and pulp industry is one of the world’s largest markets. The global paper products market grew by 10.2% in 2007 to reach a value of USD 630.9 billion. In 2012, the global paper products market is forecast to have a value of USD 821.3 billion. 

Currently, the pulp and paper industry, especially paper mills, uses large number and amounts of auxiliary chemicals and dyestuffs. The chemicals in use degrade slowly and are detrimental to our biota and even our wellbeing. 

Furthermore, with escalating prices of raw materials and energy, there is a bona fide push for technology breakthroughs to help reduce the fiber and energy consumption in this particular industry. 

The OrganoClick®-technology enables its customers to increase the value of their paper products by adding new functions and/or optimize the efficiency of raw materials usage. 

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Textile industry

With a market of USD 635 billion, growth is still envisaged in this industry. In the textile manufacturing process, large amount of synthetic chemicals which can be deleterious to health, is used to treat the materials to give the desired properties. More often than not, the chemicals are also removed from the textile fiber material during washing polluting water streams. Consequently, a new consumer trend to select organic and eco- labeled products has transpired. 

OrganoClick is able to bring textile materials to the next level by substituting the currently used chemicals to more environmentally friendly methods and enhancing the functionalities of the textiles. The OrganoClick®-technology will also appreciably strengthen the attachment of the substances to the textiles and hence, resist leaching during washing. Under the brand name OrganoTex® OrganoClick is marketing its water resistant technology, sold to brand owners in the sport and outdoor industry. 

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Wood preservation industry

The wood preservation industry includes all processing of wood in various forms in order to make them more resistant to decay. In 2005, the wood preservation industry had sales of USD 3.2 billion and has since then been growing with 2% annually. With the enforcement of banning non-environmentally friendly chemicals in wood preservation, traditional methods of wood preservation are gradually superseded with new means of wood preservation.

By using the OrganoClick®-technology, a new method to protect wood from fire and fungal decay has been developed, resulting in the environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic product OrganoWood®. The product, which is free from biocides and heavy metals are sold and marketed by the sales and marketing company OrganoWood AB which is a joint-venture between OrganoClick AB and our sales and marketing partner Kvigos AB. 

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