Can the forest make Sweden a global leader within the bioeconomy?

OrganoClick appoints new COO

OrganoClick has appointed Daniel Lund as new COO for the Group. He will head the Group operations

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Can the forest make Sweden a global leader within the bioeconomy?

Can the forest also be plastic?

OrganoClick AB has developed a method of modifying cellulosic materials. The basic idea of OrganoClick® is using "green catalysts" to connect functional molecules to cellulose. The technology can be used to give the cellulose fiber new properties such as increased flame resistance, strength, water-resistance or rot protection, thus making the cellulose more like plastic. A chemical group on the cellulose acts as a kind of "chemical handle" which is used to bind new molecules to the cellulose molecule to create completely new properties. By mimicking nature's own chemistry and features, the use of non-renewable materials and toxic substances can be reduced.

The company attracts a lot of attention

 OrganoClick AB was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from Stockholm University and SLU. The company develops, produces and sells functional, environmentally friendly, fiber-based materials and biochemicals used to add features to the fiber-based materials. Among other things OrganoClick® has been named Sweden's most promising start -up company in 2008, appointed "Climate Solver" by the World Wildlife Fund and in both 2012 and 2013 placed on the Affärsvärlden and Ny Teknik's list of Sweden's 33 hottest technology companies.

– We have a huge market in front of us and we have the ambition to be the leader in providing the most functional and environmentally friendly solutions, says Mårten Hellberg CEO of OrganoClick AB.

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