OrganoWood signs general agreement with Finnish S-group

OrganoClick appoints new COO

OrganoClick has appointed Daniel Lund as new COO for the Group. He will head the Group operations

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OrganoWood signs general agreement with Finnish S-group

OrganoWood AB, a daughter company to OrganoClick AB (publ) and Kvigos AB, supplies and markets since 2012 OrganoWood®- a durable and fire protected wooden material. The wood is a perfect replacement to the standard pressure impregnated wood, treated with heavy metals and biocides and used in e.g. timber decking, fences, etc. The wood is environmentally labeled and is recommended by Swedish ”Byggvarubedömningen”. OrganoWood®-modified wood was 2014 awarded with Nordbyggs gold medal for ”Hottest building material of the year”. The company’s wood protection product is first-in-class to become eco-labeled by the Swedish Society of Nature Conservation as “Good environmental choice”.

The S-group is one of Finland’s largest group of specialized stores. The hardware stores in the S-group are divided in the three units Kodin Terra, S-rauta and Rauta-Prisma with a total of 27 stores all over the country.

During 2014, test sales were initiated in six stores within the Kodin Terra unit. A general agreement has now been entered with the S-group for reselling of OrganoWood’s products throughout the whole group.

”The general agreement with the S-group is an important step in our Finnish market launch. To have a broad geographical network of resellers in every country is key in order to get a good return on our marketing activities”, says Jens Hamlin, Managing Director at OrganoWood.

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