Press-release - OrganoWood ordinary supplier to Optimera

OrganoClick appoints new COO

OrganoClick has appointed Daniel Lund as new COO for the Group. He will head the Group operations

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Press-release - OrganoWood ordinary supplier to Optimera

OrganoWood has been appointed as an ordinary supplier to Optimera Sweden of its flame protected and durable modified wooden material. Optimera will now put extra focus on OrganoWoods products and provide them in all its 40 Swedish stores.

Since 2012 Optimera has been reselling OrganoWoods durable and flame protected wooden material. The demand of the products has ever since grown year by year. Optimera has now decided to make OrganoWood an ordinary supplier. OrganoWoods products will from now be in Optimeras standard product portfolio which are provided in every local Optimera store. In total, Optimera has 40 building stores throughout middle and southern Sweden which makes them one of the stronger building suppliers in the country focusing on the professional market.

"To become an ordinary supplier to Optimera is an important step for us in our development as a supplier to the building  industry. Through Optimera we will now be able to supply our wooden products even better in middle and  southern Sweden", says Jens Hamlin, Managing Director of OrganoWood.

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