Jobba hos OrganoClick, på labbet, i produktionen, eller med produktionsplanering


Would you like to work with us? We are an exciting and innovation-driven green chemistry company that is growing and expanding in a number of areas. Perhaps we need you for the next phase of our development. This could apply to anything from warehousing and production to research or sales and marketing. Below, you’ll find details about current vacancies. We also welcome spontaneous applications to any position. Welcome to OrganoClick. Welcome to a green future!

Vacant jobs right now:

What is it like to work with us?

We asked Oscar, Pernilla and Filippa – three of our 50 committed employees.

Working in production – With Oscar, Production Manager.

Working with the OrganoTex brand With Pernilla, Sales Representative.

Clara Lyttle Baynham and Filip Sandström summer job at OrganoClick

Summer jobs in the lab.

We often have several students working with us who are studying at university or college. We spoke to Clara and Filip, who both study biotechnology at KTH, about their thoughts on jobs, the environment, and why they applied to OrganoClick.

Summer jobs at our R&D centreWith Clara and Filip.

Performance materials.
Inspired by nature.