We replace hidden plastics and fossil chemicals with biobased solutions.

We call it Made Green Inside by OrganoClick®.

With innovative green chemistry, we mimic nature’s own solutions. We replace hidden plastic and toxins in fiber based materials with biobased and fossil-free raw materials. That’s how we create sustainable biodegradable products and materials, completely green on the inside, provided with cutting-edge technical performance. The future looks green! It has to.

Our product areas.

Textiles, wood, biocomposites, and nonwovens. These are our four application areas for our green chemical products. What they share is the cellulose fibre that we modify with our patented technology. The result is a variety of applications and products as well as our own brands OrganoTex®, OrganoWood®, OrganoComp®, BIOkleen®, OC-BioBinder™, and OC-AquaSil™. Our solutions help manufacturing industry to drive change and offer consumers green alternatives for an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

With our biobased binder, OC-BioBinder, Duni produces the world’s first fossil-free and home compostable premium napkin.
A great example of our green innovations is the entirely fossil-free binder we supply to Duni. With the help of our biobased binder, OC-BioBinder, Duni produces the world’s first fossil-free and home compostable premium napkin.

Our awards show that we are on the right path.

Thanks to our green chemistry we have received a number of awards for our innovative solutions and products in Sweden and internationally. The WWF has appointed us as a “Climate Solver”, we are on the Sustania 100 list of the world’s most sustainable innovations, and we are part of the UN-affiliated Unreasonable Goals programme. We recently won Clean Equity Monaco, and right now we are participating with our OrganoWood brand at the World Exhibition in Dubai. To name just a few.


We have the solutions that enable the production of several sustainable materials of the future and deliver at scale to producers all over the world who have chosen to replace plastics, oil and toxins with 100% biodegradable and renewable alternatives. This is how we enable companies, industry and consumers to reduce their ecological footprint, achieve their environmental goals, and become part of a circular economy. What are your needs and how can we help you? Join us and break new green ground and change the world for the better. The future looks green! It has to.

Our eco-friendly brands.

Green brands for consumers and industry. With products designed for an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Sold in around 20 markets in Europe, North America and Asia.

We are a carbon neutral company!

Read more about our carbon offset project at Climate Partner

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