Corporate Governance:
Nomination Committee

Prior to the AGM the Nomination Committee shall submit proposals on the number and amount of members of the Board of Directors, board members’ fees, and Board Chairman and proposals for auditors and their remuneration.

At the 2015 AGM the principles of OrganoClick’s Nomination Committee were decided upon. These principles shall apply until changed by a future General Meeting and are as follows:

The Nomination Committee shall have five members. The five largest shareholders / shareholder groups (“Largest Shareholders”) of the Company on December 31 the year before the AGM is to be held, as listed in the shareholder register recorded by Euroclear Sweden AB, shall appoint one member each. 

The Chairman of the Nomination Committee shall by December 31 summon the Largest Shareholders of the Company. If any of these waive their right to appoint a member to the next shareholder / ownership meeting, the next largest shareholder will be given the opportunity to appoint a member to the committee. The Chairman is the convener of the first meeting. The Nomination Committee shall serve until a new committee is appointed. 

If it becomes known that any of the shareholders who is appointed a member of the Nomination Committee as a result of changes in owner’s shareholding or due to changes in other owners’ shares no longer is among the Largest Shareholders, the member appointed by the shareholder, if the Committee so determines, can be replaced by a new member appointed by the shareholders at the time the largest registered shareholder not already appointed a member of the Nomination Committee. If the company’s registered shareholders otherwise substantially change before the Nomination Committee’s tasks have been completed, changes to the composition of the Nomination Committee shall take place according to the above principles should the Nomination Committee so decide.

In accordance with the above principles, the Nomination Committee for the 2016 AGM is as folllows:

» Ashkan Pouya, Chairman of Serendipity Ixora Fund AB (publ). Representing Serendipity Ixora.
» Håkan Gustavson, CFO at Beijerinvest AB. Representing the Beijer sphere. 
» Bertil Hagman, Previous President and CEO of the Tetra Laval group. Representing his own holdings.

» Mårten Hellberg, CEO OrganoClick AB (publ). Representing his own holdings.

» Armando Córdova, Professor in organic chemistry, Mid-Sweden University. Representing his own holdings.

Ashkan Pouya has been appointed as the Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

Nomination Committee members were appointed by shareholders representing a majority of the total votes.

Shareholders may contact the Nomination Committee with proposals for Board members. Proposals must be sent to the Chairman, via The Nomination Committee’s proposals for Board members, directors’ fees and auditors will be presented in the summons for the AGM. At the same time a statement on will be published.

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