OrganoClick sells its products in a number of segments where cellulose-based materials are used. These include construction and painting, DIY, the wood industry, nonwovens and paper, textiles, and sports and fashion. Consequently, OrganoClick is divided into the following four business areas: Functional Wood, Green Coatings & Maintenance Products, Biocomposites, and Nonwoven & Technical Textiles.

Schematic overview of the group structure.

Each business area focuses on its respective markets with its own sales organization led by a business area manager. In addition to the four business areas, the Group has a central Operations function which is responsible for all production, purchasing and logistics. Its activities are primarily conducted from the Group’s factory in Täby, near Stockholm. The Marketing & Communication unit is responsible for the Group’s brands and provides marketing support to the business areas. Our R&D team develops all the Group’s products in our modern lab in conjunction with our factory and head office. Finance & Economy is responsible for all accounting and reporting.

Our business areas

Green Coatings & Maintenance Products

This business area focuses on sales and marketing of our own consumer brands OrganoWood® wood protection, BIOkleen® home and property maintenance, and OrganoTex® textile impregnation and shoe care. Customers are primarily retailers and the business unit has about 500 retailers in the construction and paint trade and about 250 retailers in the sports and outdoor market in the Nordic region. In addition, products are sold via distributors in The Netherlands, the UK, South Korea and North America.

Nonwoven & Technical Textiles

Nonwoven & Technical Textiles markets and delivers proprietary bio-based binders and hydrophobing products to nonwoven and technical textile manufacturers. OrganoClick’s bio-based and biodegradable binders replace conventional synthetic plastic binders. This enables customers to manufacture and deliver 100% bio-based and compostable nonwoven materials. 

Functional Wood

In the Functional Wood business area, industrial silicon-modified wood is marketed under the OrganoWood® brand. Products are sold and marketed by OrganoClick’s partly-owned subsidiary OrganoWood AB and manufactured in collaboration with Bergs Timber, which performs wood treatment. Customers are primarily building material wholesalers that sell products to construction companies and consumers. In Sweden, the business area has about 250 building material wholesalers. Products are also sold through distributors in Austria, the Baltics, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, the UK.


Biocomposites currently offers unique OrganoComp® fibre-molded products to industrial customers. OrganoClick has set up the first production line in the world that can manufacture large fibre-cast products. The first products to have been developed and that the company now manufactures and markets are materials for coffins and sound-absorbent materials for acoustic panels.

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