Wood protection, cleaning and maintenance.

On nature’s terms.

Wood is a fantastically versatile building material. Strong, renewable and often produced locally. On the downside, it is flammable and can be vulnerable to rot. Today, wood is impregnated with biocides, toxic heavy metals and environmentally harmful flame retardants to reduce the risk of rot and fire. We have developed a number of new, environmentally certified wood protection techniques based on silicon from sand and other minerals that replace traditional wood protection techniques.

Wood protection inspired by grass. That ends up as sand.

The most common ways to protect wood against rot and fire are based on biocides, heavy metals or flame retardant phosphates. The problem is that heavy metals are toxic to humans and the environment and phosphates contribute to eutrophication. 

By imitating how certain grasses and plants protect themselves against fire and rot, we have developed several new environmentally friendly wood protection techniques. All based on modification of the timber. By “clicking on” silicon substances and other minerals to wood fibres, a physical barrier is created around fibres. The barrier helps prevent rot from attacking wood and improves its fire retardancy.

After oxygen, silicon is the most common element in the Earth’s crust and is taken up by certain grasses and plants to create protection against fire and rot. The silicon and minerals we use are non-toxic and become completely ordinary sand when they finally return to the natural environment.

The process has been developed with inspiration from the natural fossilization process where minerals penetrate and mineralise organic materials. Silicon substances connect to the wood fibres during under high pressure impregnation and create a physical barrier against wood-decay fungi. 

OrganoWood®: environmentally certified silicon impregnated wood and wood protection.

Our eco labeled and environmentally classified products are available for retail and wholesale. Finished OrganoWood® wood is currently sold as flooring, construction timber and panelling in all commonly used dimensions. With the latest technologies that we have developed, we combine the penetration of silicon with heat in the world’s largest vacuum dryer for wood. You could say that we push a sandy beach into the wood – an attractive alternative for anyone who cares about the climate.

OrganoWood’s patented wood protection systems are also available as do-it-yourself products for surface treatment of wood to extend its service life, for example for terraces, outdoor furniture and facades. An added advantage with OrganoWood silicon-treated wood and the OrganoWood wood protection system is that wood gets a smooth and beautiful silver-gray surface through natural processes that are activated by rain and UV light from the sun.  

Our products are sold to construction companies and consumers through a large network of retailers, construction suppliers, paint dealers and distributors in Sweden, the rest of Europe, the US and Canada.

To learn more or to find your nearest retailer, please visit our subsidiary OrganoWood’s website at www.organowood.com.

BIOkleen’s environmentally friendly range, labeled by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s as a Good Environmental Choice.

BIOkleen®: environmentally labeled wood care and cleaning for homes and commercial properties.

Under the BIOkleen® brand, we deliver eco-labeled maintenance and cleaning products for wood, houses and properties. Our products are available for homeowners and property managers, and include products for washing floors, façades, and roofs, and algae and mould removal.

Our products are sold through a wide network of retailers in Sweden including more than 600 paint dealers, construction dealers and professional retailers. You can find BIOkleen® at Nordsjö Färg & Design, Caparol, Bolist, XL-BYGG, Jula, Teknos, Granngården and Ahlsell and many other local paint dealers.

To learn more or to find your nearest retailer, visit BIOkleen’s website at www.biokleen.se.

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