OC-AquaSil™ Tex: hydrophobizing additives for nonwovens and technical textiles

Hydrophobizing additives are used in technical textiles and nonwovens to create a water repellent surface. Traditionally, these agents are often based on PFAS. Substances that are bioaccumulative, carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting. OrganoClick has developed OC-AquaSil™ – a water repellent technology that is non-toxic, biodegradable, and completely free from fluorocarbons.

OC-AquaSil™ Tex is our brand for industrial water repellents and hydrophobizing additives.

Eco labeled water repellent for nonwoven and technical textiles

OC AquaSil™ Tex 320 provides nonwovens and technical textiles with excellent water repellency. This Oeko-Tex® Eco-Passport awarded product is completely free from fluorocarbons (PFAS), VOCs, not relying on (blocked) isocyanates and readily biodegradable according to OECD 301A. Additionally, it provides some protection to water-based stains from red wine and coffee. As the product is not film-forming, the appearance of the treated material and its ability to breathe are also maintained. OC-AquaSil ™ Tex 320 can be used for woven and knitted textiles as well as for nonwovens.

When durability of water repellent properties in washing machines is important, for example for fabrics used in professional garments, OC-AquaSil™ Tex 320 is ideal. 

Our brochure and technical data sheets for OC-AquaSil™ Tex 320 can be downloaded below. If you would like further information, or if you are interested in testing our products, you are welcome to contact us.

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