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To work in our our R&D

A little over a year ago, Filippa Winkvist join us at OrganoClick as a product development engineer and she has been working on our biodegradable binders since.

Hey Filippa, tell us your story!
– I most recently come from Scania, where I worked for a short time as a development engineer in their materials department; that was my first job after receiving my M.Sc. in Engineering Chemistry. Why did you choose OrganoClick?
– OrganoClick is exactly the kind of place I want to be! Here we are paving the way for a sustainable future with circular solutions. To have the opportunity to make the future a little better day by day feels both meaningful and fun.
– The work here is varied. There is a lot to do in the lab, where we
are testing new formulations in projects that are still in lab scale but also projects where we are approaching scale-up in production. In addition, it involves a lot of research, documentation and planning, which is stimulating.
– We are also a great team here in R&D. Of course, I didn’t know that before I started, but it was a pleasant bonus!

If you could dream, what would you like to achieve?
– My job here includes working with our binders, which replace fossil plastics in materials such as nonwoven. One dream of mine is to be involved in developing completely new green products without unnecessary plastic.

And how is it going thus far?
– Me and my colleagues are working in the lab with that aim in mind, and we make progress all the time. As we say at OrganoClick: the future looks green—it has to.

What was the most exciting of what you’ve done so far?
– Seeing our products go from lab scale to real production. We test and develop for months, maybe years, and then it scales up and becomes a real product for consumers or industry. It feels special to be part of that.

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