OrganoClick launches OrganoTex® Textile in Benelux with Ideavelop BV as distribution partner

OrganoTex® Textile Waterproofing Spray-On and Wash-In has been developed during several years and have been designed to give good water repellancy, yet being biodegradable. The product is based on OrganoClick’s patented and awarded technology for modification of textile fibers and is totally free from the problematic perfluorinated compounds (PFAS), cyclic siloxanes and isocyanates that is often used in textile impregnations. Several of these chemicals are thought to be cancerogenic and hormone disruptive, as well as being bioaccumulative in nature.

”We think it is very exciting to launch our products in the Benelux Market. With Ideavelop BV as our sales and distribution partner, we will have a strong and experienced partner with customers within most outdoor and sport retailers in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Through them, we reach the group of environmentally conscious outdoor loving consumers that has a great need of water repellent garments but also want to take care of the environment”, says Susanne Karlsson, Sales Manager OrganoTex®, at OrganoClick AB.

The Benelux outdoor market is often used as start market for innovative products on the European mainland market. Ideavelop BV is since 1997 a well established distributor/agency with its own sales force that covers the whole Benelux market of retailers within outdoor and sport goods. Ideavelop BV sees OrganoTex as a great addition of their sustainable brand portfolio which consists of brands like Icebreaker, Hydroflask, AKU, Blueloop Originals, Schöffel, Macpac, Mpowerd, phil&teds and mountain buggy. OrganoClick has signed a distribution agreement under which Ideavelop BV will sell, distribute, and keep the products in stock for the Benelux countries.