OrganoClick wins global innovation award

For the first time since the pandemic, all global players in the technical textile industry gathered at the TechTextil trade fair in Frankfurt and the award ceremony. Every second year, prizes are awarded to draw attention to the most innovative new products and technologies in the world. The Swedish greentech company OrganoClick won the global innovation award TechTextil Innovation Awards 2022 in the category New Technology.

Binders are today widely used in disposable products such as napkins, tablecloths and mouth covers. The plastic that the binder contains then risks spreading in nature, something that OrganoClick can prevent with its innovations. OrganoClick was awarded the prize for their biobased and biodegradable binders developed from residues in the food industry with biopolymers from orange peels, lemon peels, oat husk and shrimp shells. Today, OrganoClick collaborates with, among others, Duni, which now manufactures completely fossil-free and compostable premium napkins with a linen feel. OrganoClick’s plastic-free binders are also used in agricultural nonwovens produced by Ahlstrom-Munksjö and used in Ellepots plant pots to promote sustainable industrial cultivation of plants.

– It is with great pleasure that we receive the award. It is a proof that we are on the right track and that we are rigth on time with our products. We are seeing a change in the industry where sustainability is becoming an increasing focus in the nonwoven and technical textile industries. The market has matured and is ready to adopt plastic-free and fossil-free alternatives, where innovative and sustainable solutions are now welcomed. This year there was fierce competition as all major global players participate in the fair and we are incredibly proud that we get attention for our solution, especially at a large global trade fair that has a high reputation in our industry, says Mårten Hellberg, CEO of OrganoClick.

The fair takes place between 21-24 June in Frankfurt. The entries submitted for the award are judged by an international and independent jury consisting of experts in the nonwoven and technical textile industries. The jury analyzes the innovations based on several aspects such as the level of innovation, market maturity and potential.

Motivation of the jury:

– By utilising components from waste stream materials such as oat husk, wheat bran, fruit peels, shrimp shells and combining these with a bio based catalyst, OrganoClick has developed OC-Bile Binder, a biobased and home compostable binder that can be used in nonwoven applications.

– By cleaverly selecting biopolymers from residual flows in the food industry, different degrees of softness and stiffness can be achieved while improving strength. OrganoClick’s products can replace the plastic-based binders used in nonwoven, technical textiles, biocomposites and specialty papers.

– The innovation prize is awarded OrganoClick for their contribution to help the industry to move away from oil-based resources. Using more biobased resources, when possible, is a step in the rigth direction.

About TechTextil

TechTextil is the leading trade fair for technical textiles and nonwoven technologies. The fair takes place between 21-24 June at Messe Frankfurt. The fair aims to highlight cutting-edge and innovative solutions in technical textiles and nonwovens and to pay tribute to the companies that help develop the industry.