Snickers Workwear and the OrganoClick brand OrganoTex, launch a PFAS-free, biodegradable textile waterproofing for workwear in Europe


“Our vision is to be at the leading edge of sustainability,” says Maria Schartau, CSR Coordinator for Snickers Workwear. “OrganoTex is a world-leading, PFAS-free, biodegradable textile waterproofing, so working with OrganoClick is a natural choice for us. Renewing waterproofing with OrganoTex prolongs the life of a garment, thereby reducing the environmental impact over the product’s entire life span. Making hard-working, long-lasting products is a key element in our sustainability efforts*.”

Snickers Workwear is a strong brand with ambitious sustainability goals. This collaboration enables OrganoClick to reach out with its OrganoTex technology to new markets, in line with its ongoing international expansion. OrganoClick is experiencing higher demand in sectors beyond sport and outdoor, where people require functional fabrics that can be waterproofed time and again.

“There is a clear trend to take care of the clothes you already own. OrganoTex prolongs the life of a garment and restores its original function and water-repellency. Workwear that gets wet on the outside loses its breathability,” says Susanne Karlsson, Sales Manager for OrganoTex at OrganoClick.

About Snickers Workwear:Snickers Workwear makes functional, durable, and comfortable garments for professional craftsmen and craftswomen that demand the very best. Since its start in 1975, the company continually utilises insight-led product development and innovation to improve the working day for the people who wear their clothes. Today, Snickers Workwear is a leading brand, and part of Hultafors Group.


Maria Schartau, CSR Coordinator,, +46 (0)707464075

About OrganoTex:

OrganoTex® is a Swedish innovation based on a patented green technology inspired by the water-repellent properties of the lotus plant. The brand includes textile and shoe waterproofing and detergent products for functional garments. All products are PFAS-free and readily biodegradable – so nothing is left in nature. OrganoTex is owned, developed, and manufactured by the Swedish greentech company OrganoClick. For its green innovations, OrganoClick has won a number of awards.,

Contact:Susanne Karlsson, Sales Manager OrganoTex at OrganoClick,, +46(0)721945272