According to Albert Scholte, CEO of Bever, the decision to develop Buitenmens Care in collaboration with OrganoTex followed an extensive evaluation process.

"Sustainability is highly valued at Bever and plays a key role in all the decisions we make. In our search for an accessible solution to motivate consumers to take even better care of their clothing and products, we tested several maintenance products. This research showed that OrganoTex's products are not only environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals, but also cost-effective. One package can be used for multiple maintenance sessions, and the functional properties of clothing and products remain intact for longer. This is not only good news for consumers, but also for the outdoors."

Susanne Karlsson, Sales Manager for OrganoTex® at OrganoClick, says she is proud that Bever has entered into a partnership with OrganoTex.

"Bever's vision is fully in line with our own brand vision to extend the lifespan of outdoor equipment rather than purchasing new ones. Via Bever’s broad distribution in the Netherlands we reach new consumers which are in line with our ongoing international expansion and I am very much looking forward to the cooperation”

The product range are being launched right now in all 42 Bever stores.

About Bever:Bever is a leading retailer of outdoor products in the Netherlands. Bever was founded by Fred van Olphen in 1977 with the mission to encourage people to go outside. This mission still stands in 2023. We believe that everyone is at their best outside. We find peace, energy and most importantly, ourselves in the great outdoors. Being outside is good for us, and that's why we strive to be good to the outdoors. This is where our role in society lies. It starts with the right advice from our 800 outdoor experts, ensuring that our customers always make the right choice.The company has over 40 years of experience selling high-quality and functional outdoor products for all types of adventures, from camping and hiking to cycling and skiing. Bever has 42 stores in the Netherlands and also offers its products online. For more information:

About OrganoTex:OrganoTex® is a Swedish innovation based on a patented green technology inspired by the water-repellent properties of the lotus plant. The brand includes textile and shoe waterproofing, detergent products for functional garments and a industrial DWR. All products are PFAS-free and readily biodegradable – so nothing is left in nature. OrganoTex is owned, developed, and manufactured by the Swedish greentech company OrganoClick. For its green innovations, OrganoClick has won a number of,

Contact:Susanne Karlsson, Sales Manager OrganoTex at OrganoClick,, +46(0)721945272