• Mårten Hellberg

    Chief Executive OfficerMårten Hellberg

    Mårten Hellberg holds a M.Sc. in Engineering Molecular Biotechnology from Uppsala University and a B. A. in Economics from Stockholm University. He is a co-founder of OrganoClick and has served as its CEO since its foundation in 2006. He has previously been working in the life science industry and has also had an active career in canoeing where was a member of the Swedish National Canoeing Team for 12 years. Shareholding: 7,143,876 shares (private and through company)

  • Jessica Sundborg

    Chief Financial OfficerJessica Sundborg

    Mrs. Jessica Sundborg holds a Master in Economics from Södertörn University and has extensive experience from various positions within finance and economics. Before joining OrganoClick she held a position as Group Chief Accountant at listed company Avega Group. Previously she has worked at Deloitte and at the Swedish National Audit Office. Shareholding: 30,000 shares

  • Dan Blomstrand

    Business Unit Manager BiocompositesDan Blomstrand

    Mr. Dan Blomstrand holds a M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Uppsala University and Uppsala School of Entrepreneurship. Before joining OrganoClick in 2016 he has worked as Business Unit Manager - Pharma at  Aerosol Scandinavia and as Global Account Executive at Catalent Pharma Solutions. Shareholding: 0 shares

  • Jens Hamlin

    Managing Director OrganoWood AB (daughter company)Jens Hamlin

    Mr. Jens Hamlin holds a B. A. in Marketing from Stockholm University. He has more than 20 years of experience within sales of wooden products and flooring. Before joining OrganoWood he worked as Area Sales Manager Nordics for Belgium flooring company Beauflor. Previously he has worked for the Swedish wood products company Setra Group, American flooring company Armstrong World Industries and in several Swedish building suppliers in various sales and marketing positions. Shareholding: 7,350 shares

  • Elisabet Heinrich

    Marketing ManagerElisabet Heinrich

    Mrs Elisabet Heinrich has an MBA in International marketing & Law  from Stockholm University. Previous experiences include the role as Nordic Group Product Manager  at Arvid Norquist with responsibility for several international brands within food & retail. Prior also 7 years in the pharmaceutical industry as Scandinavian Product & Brand Manager  for Orion Pharma's non-prescriptive products.

  • Juhanes Aydin

    Research & Development ManagerJuhanes Aydin Ph. D.

    Dr. Juhanes Aydin holds a Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry from Stockholm University. Before joining OrganoClick in 2010 he has worked at Statoil Lubricant and at University Barcelona. Dr. Aydin is inventor of several patents and is the co-author of more than 10 peer-reviewed scientific publications. Shareholding: 15,000 shares

  • Jens Wistedt

    Production ManagerJens Wistedt

    Jens has a M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology. Previous experiences include the role as Production Manager at Pfizer's production site in Strängnäs and many different production related roles at AstraZeneca's production site at Snäckviken, Södertälje including the role as Manager Process Technology at AstraZeneca Liquid Products. Shareholding: 2,850 shares

  • Ulrika Svärd

    Quality & Environmental ManagerUlrika Svärd

    Ulrika has a M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Previous experience include positions as Quality Manager at Crane AB, and as a Consultant Environment at ÅF.