Extraordinary General Meeting 19 Dec 2016

Extraordinary General Meeting 19 Dec 2016

The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will be held on Monday 19 December 2016, at 10.00 at OrganoClick AB, Linjalvägen 9, 187 66 Täby.


Shareholders who wish to attend the EGM shall be registered in OrganoClick’s shareholder register, kept by Euroclear Sweden AB, on the 13th of December 2016, and give notification of attendance to the company by mail to OrganoClick AB (publ), Linjalvägen 9, 187 66 Täby or by email to gunnar.sennstrom@organoclick.com no later tan the 13th of December 2016. Name, personal- or corporate identification number and phone number shall be specified in the notification. In the notification shall also be specified the number of advisers (maximum two) that will attend the EGM. Shareholders who exercise his or her rights through a proxy shall submit a written proxy form signed and dated by the shareholder. The signed proxy form, and for a juridical person a certified copy of the company registration, shall be sent to the company well in advance but no later than the 13th of December 2016. A proxy form may not be more than one year old; however the proxy’s date of expiry may be five years if this is specified. Proxy forms may be downloaded from the company’s homepage www.organoclick.com.      

Shareholders who’s holdings are registered in the name of a nominee must register the shares in their own name with Euroclear to be entitled to participate in the EGM. Such registration must be completed not later than the 13th of December 2016. Contact with the nominee should therefore be taken well ahead of this date.

Proposed agenda 

1. Opening of the EGM

2. Election of a chairman of the meeting 

3. Preparation and approval of the voting register

4. Election of one or two persons to verify the minutes 

5. Approval of the agenda

6. Resolution regarding the proposed non cash equity issue

7. Resolution regarding the proposed directed equity issue 

8. Resolution regarding authorisation for the Board of Directors to resolve on new issues of shares 

9. Closing of the EGM

For the full Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting (in Swedish) including the motions please see the attached document.


Stockholm, Nov 2016

The Board of Directors

Mårten Hellberg, CEO OrganoClick AB, phone: +46 (0)8-684 001 10