Nomination committee of OrganoClick AB for the AGM 2024

In accordance with the resolution at OrganoClick’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2023, OrganoClick’s nomination committee is composed of representatives of the three largest shareholders as of last September 2023. The nomination committee is composed of Peter Lindell, representing Cidro Förvaltning and himself, Håkan Gustavson representing Beijer Ventures, the Beijer foundations, and himself, and Mårten Hellberg, representing M. Hellberg AB and himself. Peter Lindell was appointed as Chairman of the Nomination committee as the individually largest shareholder in OrganoClick AB.

The member of the nomination committee represents 33.2 % of OrganoClick’s shares.

The nomination committee will make proposals to the AGM 2024 for the following issues:

  • proposal of members of the board 
  • proposal of chairman of the board
  • proposal of fee to the board members
  • proposal of auditor and fee to the auditor
  • proposal of chairman of the AGM
  • proposal of nomination procedure and election of nomination committee

Shareholders that wish to make proposal to the nomination committee can do so by email to or by ordinary mail to: OrganoClick AB, Att: Valberedningen, Linjalv. 9, 187 66 Täby, latest 31 January 2024.