OrganoClick’s biobased binder certified by TÜV as Home compostable

In order to receive a TÜV OK Home Compost certificate, a number of accredited tests need to be passed, including disintegration of the material, biodegradability in home compost conditions, as well as eco-toxicity tests. The complete certification process takes more than a year, if all tests are passed successfully. OrganoClick’s certificate allows nonwoven producers to add up to 35 % of OC-BioBinder Lily to nonwovens based on cellulosic fibers.

“To now be able to offer our customers a TÜV home compostable certificate is a great milestone for us. The home compostable certificate is highly attractive for customers marketing nonwoven consumer applications. With this certificate we can now speed-up our commercialization further. It also proves that our binder degrades in normal compost conditions and does not require optimized industrial compost conditions. It makes it easierfor the consumer, and is an important step for a circular future”, says Mårten Hellberg, CEO at OrganoClick.