OrganoWood launches Silicium HT

The new SiliciumHT is the second generation of completely non-toxic wood from OrganoWood. In the manufacturing process, that imitates nature's own processes, heat and silicon minerals are combined. The new product is available to order from a selection of retailers from 1 November.
– We are so happy to finally be able to present Silicium HT, now there is a great alternative for those who care about sustainability, both in terms of wood and nature. Our green chemistry, completely without any harmful substances, is really something unique on the market and is possible, among other things, due to our multi-million investment in the world's largest high temperature vacuum dryer for wood, says Jens Hamlin, CEO of OrganoWood.
SiliciumHT is the second generation of non-toxic wood from OrganoWood. In the product development,several methods have been combindes to protect the wood. Heat and silicon are good methods separately, but combined they provide even better protection in a continued non-toxic production.
SiliciumHT is available in two different qualities:
  • SiliciumHT SELECT – with woodfrom the best forests in central and northern Sweden, which consists of a high proportion of heartwood and smaller twigs.
  • Silicium HT SELECT PLUS – with slow-growing woodfrom northern Sweden for increased proportion of heartwood and a calmer appearance, also finished with OrganoWood Wood Protection 02.
– You could say that we push a sandy beach into the wood, a nice alternative for everyone who cares about the climate. Silicium HT simplifies maintenance for consumers even more, and the wood has a really strong rot protection. It is simply a new technology for a new era, says Jens Hamlin, CEO of OrganoWood.
The manufacturing process produces unique eco-labeled wood
The energy-efficient technology behind the impregnation of SiliciumHT imitates some of nature's own well-proven methods – with silicon minerals, heat and vacuum. Silicon minerals strengthens the durability of the wood and creates a durable deep mineralization through organic catalysis. Heat and vacuum dry the wood and improve the silicon's ability to penetrate deeper. Heat helps the minerals to bind to the wood, which in turn helps the wood fibers to bind together better, which makes it difficult for rot and fungi to take root and develop. It also reduces cracks in the wood's surface, and removes nutrients. Vacuum lowers the boiling point of the process, which makes it energy efficient while maintaining the amplifying effects of heat without exposing the wood to harmful high temperatures.

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